Saturday, May 23, 2009

Renewed Love

Renewed Love

Written by: Lliandrin

"A husband surprises his wife with dinner and love making - ( Hardcore )"

As April turned her key in the front door, she sighed and felt impending tears of frustration well up. She was so tired! The front door swung open and she slid out of her low pumps in the small entryway, hanging up her purse and jacket on the coat rack. She stepped around the corner into the living room, surprised not to hear the drone of the television. The whole room was neat and clean and the candles scattered throughout the room were lit.

A small smile lit her face as she called her husband, “William? This is wonderful! Where are you?” She continued on to the formal dining area, the table that had been covered with paperwork and cereal bowls this morning was cleaned and set for two, again with romantic candles flickering.

She pushed open the kitchen door and there stood her husband, wearing her pink apron, at the stove stirring something that smelled delicious. “Honey, thank you so much, what is all of this for?”

He turned to her and wrapped his strong arms around her frame, enfolding her into a warm embrace. His voice tickled against her ear as he whispered, “All of this is because I love you more than anything and I wanted to make sure you knew that.” He then moved his lips over hers and kissed her slow and deeply, with a passion that had been lacking in their marriage for some time.

Her body instantly responded and she pressed herself closer to him. He stifled a groan as he felt her softness and warmth against him, his cock hardened almost immediately. They had both been working so hard that intimacy had all but died out, he wasn't even sure when the last time that they had made love was. He began to stroke her back in firm long strokes and then gently knead from her shoulders down to the small of her back and back up.

April let her hands smooth over the sleek muscles of William's back, savoring the strength and safety that radiated from him. She had missed this so much! It felt like years had passed since they had had actually spent any time together without work interfering. Her eyes closed and she returned his eager kisses with ones of her own.

All to soon William gently pulled away, he brushed a wayward strand of hair from her face, “Come on sweetie, I made chicken and dumplings, it's all I knew how to do, but I did make the mash potatoes to go with it.”

They sat down together and ate their dinner talking about all of the things that they had fallen behind on with each other. William made it clear that he was sorry for not paying more attention to April's needs and focusing too much on work. April admitted that she had entertained thoughts that William had found someone else. They realized how dangerously close they had come to losing one another in the rush of the day to day.

After dinner they got ready for bed, each in a comfortable silence thinking about what they had learned that evening. William was already in bed with the lights out when April slipped in quietly beside him. Even after everything that had happened that night she was not sure that William truly desired her. Her heart pounded in her ear as she hoped that he would reach for her.

William, recognizing the hesitancy in his lover, rolled over to meet her, wrapped an arm around her body and pulled her close into him. Through the satin of her nightie she could feel the heat of his arousal. He dropped his head to the back of her neck and began nibbling it gently, his hand ran down her side, over her hip and toned thigh and then back up over her tummy and came to rest on her full breasts.

He was now kissing the side of her neck as he let his hand roam over both breasts tenderly cupping and squeezing them, gliding his palm over her erect nipples through the fabric of her negligee, and then tweaking them gently. She moaned deep in her throat as she felt her pussy flood with warmth and moistness at his touch.

William gently rolled her over onto her back and ran his hand from the soft curve of her cheek, down between her breasts, over the flat plains of her stomach, and down to her pelvis. He cupped April's mound in his hand so that she could feel the searing heat of his touch. Her hips bucked up to meet this new pleasure and he smiled down at her. “Let me show you how much I love you,” he whispered into her ear moving his body on top of her.

He slowly began to move down her body trailing his mouth along her inflamed form. He took one and then the other of her nipples into his mouth, suckling and teasing them through the satin. As he moved down her tummy he pushed the gown up, over her hips exposing her black bikini panties that she only wore on “special” occasions.

The scent of her aroused wife was intoxicating, he had missed her so very much, now all he wanted to do was to bring her pleasure. “April, when you get out of advertising and write that novel that you dream about, be sure to add a part where the man tells the woman how very much she means to him, how the feel and scent of her make him crazy. He needs to tell her that he loves her more than anyone or anything and that the way she sees things, the way she thinks, the way she moves, turns him on anew every day. Make sure that he tells woman knows that she is the most important thing in his life and that he would never want anyone else no matter what. Together they should be complete, and only together.”

With those words he slid her panties down over her hips and dropped his face to her wet loins. He breathed in her womanly aroma and let his tongue trace a path from her hard clit down between her engorged lips to her hot and wet hole. He licked and sucked at her flesh savoring the taste, feel, and smell of her sex. His tongue swirled around her clitty gently, causing her to buck her hips against his face. He then let it work its way back down to her opening.

He thrust his tongue as deep inside of her as it would go and began caressing the innermost regions of his love. Her hands tangled in his dark wavy hair, clutching his head to her almost in desperation. The pleasure was consuming her cunt and she knew that an orgasm was pending.

With just a few more skillful strokes of his tongue she exploded into a climax that rocked through her entire body. He dutifully licked and sucked every drop of her juice from her, hungrily.

She pulled him back up to her face and met his kisses with her own. She licked at his lips slick and sweet with her own juice. She loved tasting herself on him and sighed her pleasure. She could feel his erection pressing against her sex and spread her legs slightly to urge him into her.

Their eyes met as with one powerful stroke he filled her body with his own. In his eyes she saw the love that he professed mixed with want and need. In her eyes he saw the dormant passion of the woman he married spark to life and consume their bodies. He stroked in deep, slow strokes at first relishing the tight hotness that was her sheath.

She took in every inch of his velvety rod and delighted in the sensations he was creating in her. With every stroke she could feel pleasure winding up tighter in her stomach. She wrapped her arms around him and caressed his back as he began to speed up his rythem. Soon her hips were moving to meet each of his thrusts which were becoming increasingly fevered and fast.

He clutched her body to him with a hand protectively on her head as he pounded in and out of her faster and harder. Their breathing had become quick and shallow. Both of them were murmuring words of love and lust to the other. With one last thrust she felt his hot semen spill deep inside of her, his cock pulsated several times as it expelled his jism. A second later her second climax gripped her. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over and she cried out his name raggedly.

He rolled over and held onto her, pulling her to his side. He pressed sweet kisses to her temple and stroked her hair as she fell into a sated, blissful sleep. He too soon slept and both dreamed of the love that they had just renewed.