Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Pix #7

Seen through the window...

My boyfriend is very sexual and wants to have sex almost anywhere. I consider myself a sexual person as well, but I’m not as into public or outdoor sex as he is. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my body, I’m 5′5″ and very well proportioned. Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin - been told I have a great smile!

Anyway, we were in my boyfriend’s living room which has no curtains (needs a woman’s touch) and it was night. Which meant that anyone outside could just see right in. He started kissing me and feeling my breasts over my blouse. I was getting really turned on but was worried about people seeing in. He convinced me it was late enough that everyone was asleep and no one would be walking by there.

I didn’t need much convincing - by now he had slipped his hand under my blouse and was tracing his fingers around my rock hard nipples ever so slightly. It was making me incredibly wet!

As I kissed him long and slow with my tongue in his mouth, I undid the buttons on my blouse and he helped me slide it off. I pulled his t-shirt over his head and moved so I was straddling his lap. He was sitting on the couch and I was sitting with my knees on the couch on either side of him, pressing my crotch against his, while he sucked and licked my nipples and lightly bit my breasts.

I opened my eyes and realized I could see right out the window which was over the couch. I was startled for a split second, but then realized he was right, no one was going to see us.

I reached down and pulled his hard cock out of his sweat pants and started massaging the head. I closed my hand and moved it down to the base, closing my hand hard around it and pushing hard against the base while he pushed up and the head of his cock became engorged and purple. It turns me on so much to see that and I did it several times while he massaged my breasts and teased my nipples.

When we could both stand it no longer, we removed the rest of our clothing and resumed the position. My clit pushed against his cock and pressed it up against his stomach. I moved my hips back and forth, which massaged my clit and his cock, and started getting his cock nice and wet.

I then raised up and positioned myself over his cock. I slipped just the head in and hovered there for a moment, feeling him spread my pussy lips apart with the large head of his penis. Then he sucked my nipple into his mouth as I dropped down fully on his cock, pressing down and feeling him all the way inside me.

He pushed up against me as I did, and I felt his cock head engorge, as my body pushed down hard against his. I raised up and lowered myself slowly at first as he sucked on my nipples and grasped my hips in his firm grip. We then fell into a rhythm, hitting each others sweet spots and panting and sweating like animals.

It was then that I looked out the window and saw him. A man in a running suit standing, panting, looking in our window and right at me. It shocked the hell out of me, but I was so into what I was doing that I didn’t stop. I just kept looking at him - it turned me on that he was so entranced with our lovemaking. I threw my head back and moaned as I was pulled down to feel my lover’s cock once again buried to the hilt.

There was a huge oak tree in the yard between the window and the sidewalk, and the next thing I knew, the man was approaching it. He stood right on the back side of the tree, between the it and the window, so that I could see him, but others from the street could not.

I almost felt I knew what he would do next - and he did. He pulled his cock out of his pants and began masturbating! Right in front of me. He wrapped his hand around the smooth head and began moving it back and forth. Frantically at first, and then he fell into the same rhythm as me and my boyfriend.

I was moaning and panting and soooo wet, my lover almost couldn’t handle it! I told him to hold out - and that he was just soooo hot! He really concentrated then on pleasing me and holding out as long as he could.

I ground my hips against my boyfriend - feeling his cock fill me up and engorge, and my clit press against his pubic bone at every thrust. Most of all I saw the man in the yard, fucking his fist, eyes wild, looking right into mine. We had the same rhythm, we had the same desire, it was as if he was fucking me.

By this time my boyfriend was no longer in control, and neither was I - the man in the yard was in control. He would slow down and when he did, I would too. hen he would speed up, I would too. My boyfriend was dying of desire and passion under me.

Soon, the man in the yard started yanking to a frenzied pace. I sped up to match him and felt like a jackrabbit on a date! I was fucking my boyfriend with speed and fury, working my vaginal muscles with every thrust! And when I saw the man in the yard begin to shoot his load, I feel that I literally pulled the cum out of my lover’s balls, through his cock, and hotly into me!

Spasm after spasm of my orgasm wracked his penis and summoned his own orgasm. He shouted out like I’ve never heard him and I closed my eyes as we came together.

When it was over and we were both totally spent and I was still on top of him, he asked me where the hell it came from! I just told him he was right about the danger of doing it where others may see us. It was a real turn-on!

I looked up just in time to see the man jogging down the block as if nothing had happened.

Your Cock My Mouth

I have just woken up from a restless night sleep, thinking of you. I decide to go and have a shower to freshen myself up. I run the water nice and hot, as it is such a cold morning. Stepping into the shower letting the water sooth my body.

I begin washing my body, my nipples becoming hard as I run my hands over them. My thoughts are of you, your sexy smile, your lustful eyes, your gorgeous body and your beautiful hard cock. I feel myself becoming lost in my thoughts, my body aching for your touch. To feel your hands all over me, your lips kissing me. Your tongue licking my wet pussy, your hard cock fucking me.
My hand slowly moves down my body, car
essing myself. My legs opening as my fingers find my wet pussy. I begin rubbing my clit, moaning to myself. I slide a finger inside my wetness beginning to slowly fuck myself. The warmth of the water adds to the sensation. I place another finger inside myself while still rubbing my clit, my muscles gripping my fingers as I move them in and out of myself. My mouth is aching for your cock wanting to taste you’re hot cum shooting
down my throat. I moan loudly as I cum all over my fingers, my clit throbbing as I do. You are standing there naked stroking your cock, you have been watching me. Your cock so hard leaking pre-cum, I look at you licking my lips. I pull you into the shower with me; you smile at me your eyes telling me that you need my mouth around your cock. I move closer to you, kissing you so deeply. Feeling you hard cock rubbing on my leg, my hand begins stroking you.
You can feel the heat in my body as it aches for you. I begin kissing down your neck gently nibbling at you. Slowly
kissing you down lower and lower till my mouth is just above your hard beautiful cock. My hot breathe teasing your cock. I smile up at you looking straight into your eyes. You look down at me, pushing your hard cock to my mouth. I begin lickin
g your cock all over, my tongue going
up and down your shaft. You begin to mo
an, as my tongue baths your hard cock
the hot water rushing over us. I take your head just in my mouth, my tongue running all over it licking up your pre-cum, moaning onto your cock. You are trying to force more of your cock into my mouth but I don’t let you. My hands are caressing your balls and stroking your shaft, as I just suck on your head knowing you love the sensation. I look up at you again seeing th
e desire in your eyes. Then I begin to move my mouth down slowly on your cock taking you inch by inch
in my mouth, until I have all of your hard cock deep in my throat. My lips tightening around you, my tongue swirling all over your cock as I move up and down on you. You hold my head against you, runni
ng your fingers through my hair. My mouth moving faster on your cock, fucking you harder with my mouth. Your hips grinding into my face, I take you almost out of my mouth then straight back down my throat. My tongue flicking over your cock wildly, as I suck you so hungrily.

I grab your ass pulling you as close as possible to my mouth. My lips tightening around you, my tongue swirling all over you. Gently nibbling your head as I fuck your cock harder and faster with my mouth. Your movements are becoming faster; I feel your cock swelling in my mouth. Moaning onto your cock knowing you are going to fill me with your hot cum soon. You let out this load groan, holding my head against you as you pump my mouth full of your hot cum. Spurting down my throat, drinking you hungrily, loving the taste of you. Draining every drop of you that I can, I release your cock from my mouth, licking your cock clean smiling up at you.

You pull me up to you wrapping your arms around me. Washing my body, I just look at you smiling knowing that you have enjoyed this shower as much as I have!!!!!!!

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June Walker fidgeted nervously in her seat while waiting for Dr. Sherman. “How did she get herself into these things?!?” she asked under her breath while staring at the sweeping second hand of the clock on the wall. She was lost in thought when she was ripped back to reality when the door to the office burst open and Dr. Wendy Sherman swept into the room! “Hello,” the doctor said with wide smile, “I’m Dr. Sherman and you must be June!” Dr. Sherman’s easy manner quickly put June at ease. She returned the smile and replied, “I’m glad to meet you, doctor.” Wendy Sherman donned a pair of wire rimmed glasses and scanned the first several pages of June’s file. “It says here that you’re divorced,” Wendy said. “Did that have anything to do with your condition?” June lowered her eyes and with head bowed replied, “I’m afraid so, doctor, Tom just couldn’t take it any more, and who could blame him!” “Were you able to have regular sex with him?” Wendy asked. “I guess it depends on your definition of regular,” June answered slowly. “Of course I wanted it every morning and night, but with his job and allŅ.”
June’s voice trailed off wistfully as tears began runnin
g down her cheeks. She really loved Tom, but her insatiable appetite for sex was just too much for him, and after only three years of marriage he moved out of the apartment and filed for divorce. “Take it easy,” the doctor said quietly while sliding a box of tissues to the other side of the table, “it not your fault, you have a sickness, and we’re going to try and do something about it!”

“I think it’s hopeless,” June said dejectedly, “I’m totally out of control.” “Okay, when is the last time you had sex?” Wendy asked while taking notes on a yellow legal pad. “This morning,” came June’s quick reply. “Oh, you have a new room mate?” the doctor asked.
“No, I don’t, it was with one of the guys from the office,” June answered softly. “WhereŅ..?” Wendy asked. “In his office, we both got in early,” June replied. “Did you have an orgasm?” Wendy asked. “God yes,” June said thickly, “Freddy has a huge penis and really knows how to use it!” “You like
large organs?” the doctor continued. “Mmmmmmm, yes,” June sighed. “Who doesn’t, don’t you?!?” “How I feel is hardly the point,” Wendy replied firmly, “were worried about how you feel!” “I’m sorry,” June apologized softly, “I just meant, well, you know..” “Of course I do,” Wendy shot back, “I guess most women, if they had their druthers would like to have a man with a large penis.” “Now getting back to this morning, did you perform oral sex on Freddy?” “He filled my mouth with cum and then we had intercourse,” June replied a matter of factly. “Did you swallow his cum?” Wendy asked. “Oh yes,” she answered quickly, “I’m definitely a cum lover!” The doctor smiled and scribbled some more on her note pad before pressing on.

Dr. Sherman removed her glasses, and after taking a moment to clean the lens commented quietly, “So far so good, June, but there are other questions I must ask to get a true picture of your situation.” “I don’t want you to be offended but I have ask them.” June nodded her head and waited for the doctor to ask away. “Okay, have you ever had any sexual contact with someone of the same sex?” Immediately June’s face turned six shades of red while she answered softly, “I-I’ve had sex with a lot of women, when I can’t find a man I’ll take whatever is available!” “Do you enjoy it?” Wendy asked. “I’m afraid so,” June replied sadly. “Always climax?” the doctor asked. “Always, and really hard,” June replied. “Do you give and receive?” Wendy questioned. “Both, I love giving and receiving oral sex with a woman.” “If you had the choice of a man with a large penis or a woman, which would you prefer?” Wendy asked.
“Wellllll,” June replied, “I’d like the man for intercourse and t
he woman for oral.” “Exactly how many times a day do you have sex?” “At least twice, hopefully more,” June answered softly. “What are you thinking about right now?” Wendy Sherman asked.
June’s face again turned crimson, and then in a voice that was almost inaudible replied, “I-I was just wondering what your pussy would taste like!”

Wendy Sherman was momentarily taken a back by June’s overt comment. She was about to change the subject when much to her dismay June Walker, as if in a trance, slowly lifted her dress to expose her already bare vagina! With her eyes closed tightly June let her finger run up and down her gaping slit before sliding easily inside, inducing a very satisfied sigh from the hot pussied hussy! Wendy shook her head and tried to gather herself before stammering, “I-I don’t think that this is appropriate behavior, do you?!?”
As June’s head rolled from side to side on her shoulders she opened her eyes, and as a small moan escaped her lips whispered, “I’m so fucking close I can almost taste it!” Wendy gulped audibly while watching June wildly fingering her drooling pussy, and in what must have stunned her beyond belief, she sat there with her mouth hanging open while June calmly got up and came around to the other side of the table. “W-what are doing?!?” Wendy gasped as June put her foot up on the desk, leaving her bulging pussy only inches from the stunned doctor’s face.

As June tightened and untightened her vaginal muscles, causing her lips to flex in and out in a most lascivious manner, she casually reached out and firmly pulled Wendy’s mouth directly to her needy vagina! “Noooooo,” Wendy begged softly, “p-please, don’t make me do itŅŅ.” Her mouth was saying no, but it was obvious that she had little or no ability to resist her, so with out so much as a word June Walker shoved her open cunt directly into Wendy’s mouth! “Ohhhhhhh fuck!” June gasped as lips met cunt. “Oh yeah, do mama’s big fat pussy!!!” Wendy’s mind quickly began pin wheeling out of control! Never in her life had she had any type of sexual contact with another woman, but here she was, sitting in her own office sucking the pussy of a patient! Alarm bells were ringing in her head but for some unknown reason she was drawn to June Walker’s pussy like bees are to honey! While for Wendy it was a first, for June it was just another mouth attached to her pussy bringing her blessed relief! It didn’t really matter if it was the paper boy, a cop on the beat, her boss, or as in this case her doctor! All that mattered was that the tension in her pussy be abated! It was now clear to her that no matter what kind of treatment Doctor Sherman prescribed, that it would be hopeless to try and contain the fury that roiled constantly in her boiling cunt! With her free hand firmly holding the doctor’s mouth in place, June’s pussy convulsed hard three or four times as her fifth, or was it the sixth orgasm of the day whipped through her like a tornado!

Then it was over just as quickly as it began! June plopped her ass down on the table in front of the good doctor, and with a satisfied look on her face sighed, “Now that’s what I call treatment!!!” With her eyes still glazed over Dr. Sherman wiped the pussy juice from her face and stammered, “S-same time next week?” “Same time,” June replied softly, “same time.”