Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Time Oral

First Time Oral

Written by: Lliandrin
"Erotic story where a sweet chaste girl goes down on her deserving
boyfried for the first time - ( Oral )"

“I don't know, Dean, I don't think that I'm ready.” Alyssa's big brown eyes met his briefly and then looked away, a red flush spreading over her cheeks. She turned and started straightening her plaid skirt and white button up shirt. She couldn't believe that she had almost let Dean see her bra and panties! She knew that Sister Mary would be ever so angry if she was caught.
“Come on, Alyssa, I love you, we've been dating for way over a year, let me show you how much you mean to me.” Dean's gaze was filled with lust and with frustration. The farthest that he had managed to get was to “accidentally” graze her private parts with his hand, her fully clothed of course.
He wouldn't put up with this from anyone else by Alyssa was different. She was truly beautiful inside and out. Her body was perfect, full perk breasts, tiny waist, gently rounded hips, toned legs. Her hair was long and sun streaked blonde, it curled around her face which was the prettiest he had ever seen.
Her skin seemed to glow and was smooth as satin. Her lips were fulled and a perfect rose red color. Her eyes, were brown with traces of gold and green in them framed by long thick lashes. She never wore makeup and always smelled fresh and pure. He was in love with her as much as a teenage boy could be, anyway.
Alyssa lived just a few doors down from him but attended a strict, all girls school that had left its mark on her morals. Instead of rebelling like most of the girls there, she embraced everything she was taught.
Now a frown marred her perfect features. “You know I would do anything for you, but I just can't do that.” She reached over and stroked his hand. She really would do almost anything to make Dean happy, after all, he had been so patient and sweet with her. She realized that it was hard to follow the ideals that she had set for herself and thanked God that she had Dean, an understanding boy who truly respected her.
Dean leaned into her and captured his mouth with his. “I love you sweetie and don't want to pressure you. What about if we show our love for each other in a way that won't effect your virginity?”
She looked at him startled, “Wh-what do you mean?”
“There's a lot that we can do to make each other feel good that won't make you sin.” He rubbed her shoulders and back in wide soothing circles.
“Do you mean do stuff with our mouths?” she asked aghast. Dean nodded and remained quiet. He could tell that she was upset but also that she wanted to make him happy. “Could I maybe just do it for you and you not do it to me?” she asked nervously.
“Only if that's what you want, Baby, I would love to show you what you mean to me.”
“No, I couldn't let you do that. But, I will do it to you.” She was determined to get Dean off or die trying. She had never even come close to this point and was very nervous. She knew though that boys were boys and seemed to need certain things more than she herself did.

She slid to floor between Deans legs and shyly, without looking at him, ran her hands up from his ankles to his waist line, her fingertips almost grazing his rapidly hardening cock. Dean had been fantasizing about this moment ever since he first lay eyes on Alyssa and his breath caught as he looked down at his gorgeous girlfriend between his legs.
“Take it out sweetie,” he whispered hoarsely, his eyes rolling up into his head as she slowly complied. Her hands were shaking slightly and she fumbled with the button and zipper on his jeans. Soon he was lifting his ass off of the couch so that she could tug both his boxers and pants down around his ankles.
Alyssa gasped as she first glimpsed Dean's throbbing cock. It was long and surprisingly thick. The head of it looked sort of like a mushroom and it looked way bigger than she had thought. This was the first time she had seen a man's tool and her eyes grew wide.
“Please touch it, just put your hand around it and run it up and down,” he moaned aloud when her cool, silken palm encircled his hot, torrid cock. Her touch was smooth and he seemed to feel it throughout his entire body. Never before had he been so incredibly aroused. He felt her obey him and she slowly stroked his cock from the base all the way to his bulging head and back. Each stroke caused him to move closer and closer to orgasm.
“Alyssa, kiss it, give it a little kiss, Oh God please, I want you to put your mouth on it.” the words came out as desperate almost-sobs.
Alyssa thrilled that she could create this reaction in Dean. She had seen him look at her like he wanted her before but this was completely different. It was as if he had lost control of himself and she had gained it. She leaned her face close to him and pressed a chaste kiss against the very tip of his penis, right on the little hole.
Dean cried out and Alyssa was encouraged to continue her exploration with her mouth. She licked his turgid flesh, all around the head of his cock, letting her tongue press slightly into his piss hole. His hips were now bucking to meet her and she took a deep breath and then sucked as much of his cock as she could into her mouth.
He tasted salty sweet and hot. She let her tongue play around his shaft as she held him still inside of her throat. Alyssa looked up and met Dean's glance then. He thought that he would cum right then, his cock buried in her face, her innocent eyes looking up at him from between his naked loins.
Alyssa then started to stroke his cock with her mouth, up and down, turning her head from side to side to add more sensation. She didn't know exactly what would happen but she sensed him drawing closer and closer to something. Her privates were getting very moist and a strange tingly heat climbed from her core to her stomach, her nipples were hard and she felt them press against the material of her bra forcefully.
She kept sucking and licking letting her hand play in the sprinkling of hair on his abdomen. All at once he cried out and shoved his dick deep into her throat. She felt hot, thick liquid spurt into her again and again and she fought to keep from gagging on it. It tasted a little salty and musky but not bad.
Dean gently eased himself from Alyssa's lips and looked down at her with sated peacefulness. She looked back at him, her lips slightly bruised and red rimmed, a small trickle of saliva on her chin. “God you're beautiful and amazing.” Alyssa moved close to him and lay her head on his bare thigh.
“Shh, don't talk just sit here with me.” They sat there for a long while each contemplating what had taken place. Dean was in complete ecstasy and Alyssa was thinking how it had been fun and not so bad at all.