Saturday, May 23, 2009


Written by: Lliandrin
"A steamy encounter in a coffee shop, very erotic sex scene! HOT - ( Hardcore )"

Jonathon looked up at the tinkling sound just in time to see a very wet, very cold woman walk through the door of his small coffee shop. She had on a dress and no jacket, it was completely soaked, and through the thin material he could see the curve of her generous breasts and her dark jutting nipples.
He forced his gaze up to her face and he was instantly drawn in. Her features were arrestingly beautiful. Her eyes were wide and a bright green fringed in thick dark lashes. Her skin was all peaches and cream smoothness with high cheekbones. Her mouth was full and pink, her lips perfect cupid bows. Long hair clung to her wetly nearly down to her waist, which was tiny and flared to gently swelling hips.
He realized then that she was looking at him as if waiting for him to finish his appraisal and address her. “What can I get you Miss?” his voice was deep and matched his appearance. He was tall with broad shoulders, slim hips, and well-developed muscles very apparent even through his clothing. He had dark brown hair and caramel eyes. All together he himself was stunning.
Andrea cleared the suddenly lusty thoughts from her head and spoke, “Can I get a hot chocolate?” her voice was husky and low, very sexy.
He turned to draw her drink and in a few moments carried a steaming mug of cocoa topped with extra whipped cream and chocolate shavings to the small table she had sat down at. Jonathon knew that she must be aware of the charms she had on display but she appeared to not notice, or to not care that her breasts were fully visible through her clothing. He couldn’t help staring.
“You like what you see?” her voice held a hint of laughter and she looked up at him innocently.
“Sorry but you’re beautiful, it’s hard to keep my eyes off of you.” He uttered the line that had saved him time and time again, occasionally with rewards.

Now she laughed openly. “Well if you like how I look I can only guess that you’d like to have it?” Her voice dropped to a whisper and to his amazement she ran a hand over her breasts, kneading them gently and then pinched her already rock hard nipples. His cock hardened instantly.
“I’m not sure that I understand.” He knew that his face was flushed, she was making him feel like a highschooler.
“Well, I am a firm believer in taking what you want. You want me and assuming that I return that feeling, you should take me.” Her voice was lower now and her hands were now caressing her entire body in slow sensual circles. He watched her hips push up against her wondering hand as it passed over her sex.
“Do you?” he asked a little nervous but incredibly aroused.
“The rain always makes me hot and wet. You’re attractive, so yes.”
Without a word Jonathon went to the door and locked it turning the sign to CLOSED. “Come with me.” He demanded gruffly in a voice laced with lust. He was surprised a little bit when she complied. He led her to the back of the small store where there was a staircase that led to his small loft apartment.

She followed him silently, as soon as he shut the door behind them she was on him. She pressed her wet body into him raising her lips to his. Their mouths met and their tongues tangled in wild abandon. They tasted, licked, kissed each other, the arousal building higher and higher between them.
Jonathon’s hand was roaming over her back pulling her close against him so that his hardened prick was nestled firmly against her taut tummy. She moaned softly as he kissed down her throat to the tops of her generous breasts. The skin there was soft and damp. She tasted fresh, sweet like the summertime.
Together they moved to the futon behind them dropping to it. He was now on top of her pressing into her welcoming body. His mouth traced from her lips to her tits and back again as his hands pushed her dress up to her waist. His hands were hot on her naked flesh as he searched for her core.
The moment that his fingers slid into her panties and touched her womanhood she felt like exploding. A searing heat of desire flooded through her and she cried out. He soon pulled her panties off and caressed her most intimate parts with gentle fingers. Her hips surged up to meet his wondering digits.
He trailed his fingertips up and down her sopping slit, twirled around her hard little nub, and back over her fevered flesh. The aroma of her arousal, musky and sweet, filled the air around them. He teased the tips of two fingers around the outside of her pussy hole until she whimpered with want of him. He slid first one and then 2 fingers into her tight, velvet opening relishing the feel of her around his skin. She was hot and wet inside but also soft and silky.
He slid his fingers in and out of her slowly building up the pace as her orgasm built up within her. When he could tell that she was going to cum any second he pulled out of her. Her eyes flew open and she cried aloud at the loss of his touch.
He stood up and quickly shed his own clothing. His hard cock stood proudly at attention. It was long and hard a drop of precum oozed out of its head. He moved down next to her his dick in his hand; he guided it gently into her. With one smooth stroke he was buried deep inside of her tight pussy.
He forced himself to hold still so that he could make this last a little longer. She was so hot and tight, her cunt clinging to his torrid flesh. Never could he remember anything feeling so good. He began to stroke in and out of her slowly, savoring the feel of her cunny clinging to him as he moved over her.
Before long both of them were moving together faster and faster, the thrusts harder and deeper. Andrea cried out with every move the ecstasy building up inside of her. In a few more moments Jonathon rammed into her as hard and as deep as he could possibly go.
He came then, spurt after spurt of hot jizm emptying into Andrea’s body. Seconds later she followed her entire body tightening as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, the feel of Jonathon’s hot wet cum inside of her completed her climax.
Jonathon collapsed on her nuzzling her neck, moving his mouth to her ear. “I love you more than anything.” He whispered hoarsely.
Andrea linked her hand with his and smiled up at him, the wedding ring on her finger glinting softly. “I love you too, happy anniversary Baby.”