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First Time Oral

First Time Oral

Written by: Lliandrin
"Erotic story where a sweet chaste girl goes down on her deserving
boyfried for the first time - ( Oral )"

“I don't know, Dean, I don't think that I'm ready.” Alyssa's big brown eyes met his briefly and then looked away, a red flush spreading over her cheeks. She turned and started straightening her plaid skirt and white button up shirt. She couldn't believe that she had almost let Dean see her bra and panties! She knew that Sister Mary would be ever so angry if she was caught.
“Come on, Alyssa, I love you, we've been dating for way over a year, let me show you how much you mean to me.” Dean's gaze was filled with lust and with frustration. The farthest that he had managed to get was to “accidentally” graze her private parts with his hand, her fully clothed of course.
He wouldn't put up with this from anyone else by Alyssa was different. She was truly beautiful inside and out. Her body was perfect, full perk breasts, tiny waist, gently rounded hips, toned legs. Her hair was long and sun streaked blonde, it curled around her face which was the prettiest he had ever seen.
Her skin seemed to glow and was smooth as satin. Her lips were fulled and a perfect rose red color. Her eyes, were brown with traces of gold and green in them framed by long thick lashes. She never wore makeup and always smelled fresh and pure. He was in love with her as much as a teenage boy could be, anyway.
Alyssa lived just a few doors down from him but attended a strict, all girls school that had left its mark on her morals. Instead of rebelling like most of the girls there, she embraced everything she was taught.
Now a frown marred her perfect features. “You know I would do anything for you, but I just can't do that.” She reached over and stroked his hand. She really would do almost anything to make Dean happy, after all, he had been so patient and sweet with her. She realized that it was hard to follow the ideals that she had set for herself and thanked God that she had Dean, an understanding boy who truly respected her.
Dean leaned into her and captured his mouth with his. “I love you sweetie and don't want to pressure you. What about if we show our love for each other in a way that won't effect your virginity?”
She looked at him startled, “Wh-what do you mean?”
“There's a lot that we can do to make each other feel good that won't make you sin.” He rubbed her shoulders and back in wide soothing circles.
“Do you mean do stuff with our mouths?” she asked aghast. Dean nodded and remained quiet. He could tell that she was upset but also that she wanted to make him happy. “Could I maybe just do it for you and you not do it to me?” she asked nervously.
“Only if that's what you want, Baby, I would love to show you what you mean to me.”
“No, I couldn't let you do that. But, I will do it to you.” She was determined to get Dean off or die trying. She had never even come close to this point and was very nervous. She knew though that boys were boys and seemed to need certain things more than she herself did.

She slid to floor between Deans legs and shyly, without looking at him, ran her hands up from his ankles to his waist line, her fingertips almost grazing his rapidly hardening cock. Dean had been fantasizing about this moment ever since he first lay eyes on Alyssa and his breath caught as he looked down at his gorgeous girlfriend between his legs.
“Take it out sweetie,” he whispered hoarsely, his eyes rolling up into his head as she slowly complied. Her hands were shaking slightly and she fumbled with the button and zipper on his jeans. Soon he was lifting his ass off of the couch so that she could tug both his boxers and pants down around his ankles.
Alyssa gasped as she first glimpsed Dean's throbbing cock. It was long and surprisingly thick. The head of it looked sort of like a mushroom and it looked way bigger than she had thought. This was the first time she had seen a man's tool and her eyes grew wide.
“Please touch it, just put your hand around it and run it up and down,” he moaned aloud when her cool, silken palm encircled his hot, torrid cock. Her touch was smooth and he seemed to feel it throughout his entire body. Never before had he been so incredibly aroused. He felt her obey him and she slowly stroked his cock from the base all the way to his bulging head and back. Each stroke caused him to move closer and closer to orgasm.
“Alyssa, kiss it, give it a little kiss, Oh God please, I want you to put your mouth on it.” the words came out as desperate almost-sobs.
Alyssa thrilled that she could create this reaction in Dean. She had seen him look at her like he wanted her before but this was completely different. It was as if he had lost control of himself and she had gained it. She leaned her face close to him and pressed a chaste kiss against the very tip of his penis, right on the little hole.
Dean cried out and Alyssa was encouraged to continue her exploration with her mouth. She licked his turgid flesh, all around the head of his cock, letting her tongue press slightly into his piss hole. His hips were now bucking to meet her and she took a deep breath and then sucked as much of his cock as she could into her mouth.
He tasted salty sweet and hot. She let her tongue play around his shaft as she held him still inside of her throat. Alyssa looked up and met Dean's glance then. He thought that he would cum right then, his cock buried in her face, her innocent eyes looking up at him from between his naked loins.
Alyssa then started to stroke his cock with her mouth, up and down, turning her head from side to side to add more sensation. She didn't know exactly what would happen but she sensed him drawing closer and closer to something. Her privates were getting very moist and a strange tingly heat climbed from her core to her stomach, her nipples were hard and she felt them press against the material of her bra forcefully.
She kept sucking and licking letting her hand play in the sprinkling of hair on his abdomen. All at once he cried out and shoved his dick deep into her throat. She felt hot, thick liquid spurt into her again and again and she fought to keep from gagging on it. It tasted a little salty and musky but not bad.
Dean gently eased himself from Alyssa's lips and looked down at her with sated peacefulness. She looked back at him, her lips slightly bruised and red rimmed, a small trickle of saliva on her chin. “God you're beautiful and amazing.” Alyssa moved close to him and lay her head on his bare thigh.
“Shh, don't talk just sit here with me.” They sat there for a long while each contemplating what had taken place. Dean was in complete ecstasy and Alyssa was thinking how it had been fun and not so bad at all.

The Cock Box

The Cock Box

Written by: Lliandrin

"Erotic story about a husband catching his wife in a sex club. She is one of the main attractions and he feels a sick attraction for her. - ( Fetish )"

All around me were couples in various stages of undress and copulation. The scent of sex hung heavy in the air. I tried hard to avert my eyes from the lust that was proudly on display. My heart was beating fast and my breath was coming quicker and quicker as I fought down rising panic.

This could not be where my wife was. I refused t

o believe for a second that the wholesome, sophisticated, sweet woman I had married would get her kicks in this den of iniquity. Robert must be wrong, this had to be a huge mistake.

As I made my way to the front of the giant room I saw 3 stages each containing a box that was clear in the front and solid black on the sides and back. Inside each of the boxes were women. As I got closed I realized that the group of people oneither side of the boxes were taking turns with the girl imprisoned in them.

On each side there were strategically placed round holes. The boxes seemed to be made to custom fit the lady inside. I could tell that the women had very little room with their backsides pushed against the glass so that their pussies and assholes were accessible through the hole on the side. They were all three on their knees, being fucked from behind through the holes and on the other side their mouths were in a perfect place to suck the dicks that were shoved through the hole on the other side.

I felt my own cock harden at the sight and then my heart stopped a moment. I knew that what I was seeing had to be wrong. It wasn't right, there was no possible way, that my loving, perfect wife was up there in the second box taking a huge black dick into her bald pussy while expertly sucking a smaller dick that belonged to what looked like an aging hippie.

My dick shriveled and I fought back a wave of nausea. That bitch! What the fuck was going on? I moved to the side so that she wouldn't be able to see me and sat down at a small table. It was almost like a desk with one chair, a spectator seat. From my vantage point I could see every nasty thing my whore wife was doing and she had no fucking clue that she had been caught.

She was completely nude except for impossibly high heeled black boots that came up to her thigh. They were a shiny latex material. She was wearing a tiny lacy bra however, her generous breasts had spilled out and the garment displayed them more sexy than I had ever seen. She was supporting her weight with one hand and her knees and using her other hand to aid in the amazing head she was giving the hippie.

She was beautiful up there on the stage and for some reason I was drawn in, at once not wanting to see any more and not able to look away.

Her long dark hair was pulled into a braid that trailed down her back. Her body was tightand firm, her ass nicely rounded and well muscled. Her titties jiggled whenever the black man thrust into her. Her eyes were closed and I could t

ell that she was fully enjoying herself. Her nipples jutted out hard and occasionally she let her blow job hand grab and pull at them, squeezing the nipples and the flesh how I did when we made love.

I was so angry and so hurt but as I sat their I grew more and more aroused. The black man had pulled out of her and sprayed her ass and lower back with stream after stream of white cum. In a few moments the hippie drenched her mouth a

nd her face with his love fluid. Looking closely I could tell that she was covered in jizm. Most of it was dry and glowed under the black light. Some of it was wet, glinting brightly on her tanned body.

A man sat down at the small table beside mine and I covertly noticed that he soon had his prick out and was pumping it under the table while watching the show.

He looked over at m

e, “This your first time?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

“That girly their in the middle that's Lydia, she's been coming here for a while so last week they made her her own cock box. I love watching her, but not as much as I love fucking her. She's a fucking tiger, she'll even take it up the ass and beg for more.” He laughed at that and resumed his masturbation.

Hot anger welled up in me and I resisted the urge

to pummel the guy. Something that I didn't like was coiling inside of me. I was so turned on by my wife and her slutty ways that I felt my dick become rock hard. I unzipped my jean surreptitiously and began stroking my prick slowly.

Two more men were having at Lydia now, a big cowboy type was ramming his rod into her pussy fast and hard and another black guy had his long prick crammed all the way down her little throat. She looked to be choking on the thick length of him, and due to the tight confines of the little box she had to take everything that he gave h

er. Tears were running down her cheeks but she was giving it her best.

He was fucking her face almost as hard as the co

wboy was fucking her cunt. I could see her mouth and hand flying over his torrid flesh. I was now stroking myself faster, feeling an orgasm building up inside of me. Then, right in front of my eyes the cowboy pulled his cock from her dripping pussy and rammed it completely up her ass.

I saw her body tense in sudden pain and then, after a few seconds, she began to move back and forth on his cock, fucking him with her ass. T

his was something that I had never had the nerve to try. In the 10 years that we had been married I had treated her like a perfect lady. We had great sex but it was mostly in the missionary position and definitely not freaky in any way. I hadn't wanted to offend her.

I was starting to realize that maybe I had neglected an important part of our relationship. I had never seen her before as a sexual being. She was

a wonderful wife, a great mom but here and now I realized that she was so much more. I came then hard and fast as my wife was being used up on the stage. As my cum poured out of me I realized that Lydia too was cumming. Her head tossed back and the black dick showered her with white goo.

Cowboy came in her ass and from where I sat I could see his semen seeping out of her puckered hole. I stood up then and zipped up. I walked out to the car feeling the searing heat of tears on my cheeks. I loved Lydia and I vowed that whatever she needed I would provide.

I wouldn't tell her what I had seen and done tonigh

t, but from now on I would see that she was satisfied with me.


Written by: Lliandrin
"A steamy encounter in a coffee shop, very erotic sex scene! HOT - ( Hardcore )"

Jonathon looked up at the tinkling sound just in time to see a very wet, very cold woman walk through the door of his small coffee shop. She had on a dress and no jacket, it was completely soaked, and through the thin material he could see the curve of her generous breasts and her dark jutting nipples.
He forced his gaze up to her face and he was instantly drawn in. Her features were arrestingly beautiful. Her eyes were wide and a bright green fringed in thick dark lashes. Her skin was all peaches and cream smoothness with high cheekbones. Her mouth was full and pink, her lips perfect cupid bows. Long hair clung to her wetly nearly down to her waist, which was tiny and flared to gently swelling hips.
He realized then that she was looking at him as if waiting for him to finish his appraisal and address her. “What can I get you Miss?” his voice was deep and matched his appearance. He was tall with broad shoulders, slim hips, and well-developed muscles very apparent even through his clothing. He had dark brown hair and caramel eyes. All together he himself was stunning.
Andrea cleared the suddenly lusty thoughts from her head and spoke, “Can I get a hot chocolate?” her voice was husky and low, very sexy.
He turned to draw her drink and in a few moments carried a steaming mug of cocoa topped with extra whipped cream and chocolate shavings to the small table she had sat down at. Jonathon knew that she must be aware of the charms she had on display but she appeared to not notice, or to not care that her breasts were fully visible through her clothing. He couldn’t help staring.
“You like what you see?” her voice held a hint of laughter and she looked up at him innocently.
“Sorry but you’re beautiful, it’s hard to keep my eyes off of you.” He uttered the line that had saved him time and time again, occasionally with rewards.

Now she laughed openly. “Well if you like how I look I can only guess that you’d like to have it?” Her voice dropped to a whisper and to his amazement she ran a hand over her breasts, kneading them gently and then pinched her already rock hard nipples. His cock hardened instantly.
“I’m not sure that I understand.” He knew that his face was flushed, she was making him feel like a highschooler.
“Well, I am a firm believer in taking what you want. You want me and assuming that I return that feeling, you should take me.” Her voice was lower now and her hands were now caressing her entire body in slow sensual circles. He watched her hips push up against her wondering hand as it passed over her sex.
“Do you?” he asked a little nervous but incredibly aroused.
“The rain always makes me hot and wet. You’re attractive, so yes.”
Without a word Jonathon went to the door and locked it turning the sign to CLOSED. “Come with me.” He demanded gruffly in a voice laced with lust. He was surprised a little bit when she complied. He led her to the back of the small store where there was a staircase that led to his small loft apartment.

She followed him silently, as soon as he shut the door behind them she was on him. She pressed her wet body into him raising her lips to his. Their mouths met and their tongues tangled in wild abandon. They tasted, licked, kissed each other, the arousal building higher and higher between them.
Jonathon’s hand was roaming over her back pulling her close against him so that his hardened prick was nestled firmly against her taut tummy. She moaned softly as he kissed down her throat to the tops of her generous breasts. The skin there was soft and damp. She tasted fresh, sweet like the summertime.
Together they moved to the futon behind them dropping to it. He was now on top of her pressing into her welcoming body. His mouth traced from her lips to her tits and back again as his hands pushed her dress up to her waist. His hands were hot on her naked flesh as he searched for her core.
The moment that his fingers slid into her panties and touched her womanhood she felt like exploding. A searing heat of desire flooded through her and she cried out. He soon pulled her panties off and caressed her most intimate parts with gentle fingers. Her hips surged up to meet his wondering digits.
He trailed his fingertips up and down her sopping slit, twirled around her hard little nub, and back over her fevered flesh. The aroma of her arousal, musky and sweet, filled the air around them. He teased the tips of two fingers around the outside of her pussy hole until she whimpered with want of him. He slid first one and then 2 fingers into her tight, velvet opening relishing the feel of her around his skin. She was hot and wet inside but also soft and silky.
He slid his fingers in and out of her slowly building up the pace as her orgasm built up within her. When he could tell that she was going to cum any second he pulled out of her. Her eyes flew open and she cried aloud at the loss of his touch.
He stood up and quickly shed his own clothing. His hard cock stood proudly at attention. It was long and hard a drop of precum oozed out of its head. He moved down next to her his dick in his hand; he guided it gently into her. With one smooth stroke he was buried deep inside of her tight pussy.
He forced himself to hold still so that he could make this last a little longer. She was so hot and tight, her cunt clinging to his torrid flesh. Never could he remember anything feeling so good. He began to stroke in and out of her slowly, savoring the feel of her cunny clinging to him as he moved over her.
Before long both of them were moving together faster and faster, the thrusts harder and deeper. Andrea cried out with every move the ecstasy building up inside of her. In a few more moments Jonathon rammed into her as hard and as deep as he could possibly go.
He came then, spurt after spurt of hot jizm emptying into Andrea’s body. Seconds later she followed her entire body tightening as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, the feel of Jonathon’s hot wet cum inside of her completed her climax.
Jonathon collapsed on her nuzzling her neck, moving his mouth to her ear. “I love you more than anything.” He whispered hoarsely.
Andrea linked her hand with his and smiled up at him, the wedding ring on her finger glinting softly. “I love you too, happy anniversary Baby.”

Renewed Love

Renewed Love

Written by: Lliandrin

"A husband surprises his wife with dinner and love making - ( Hardcore )"

As April turned her key in the front door, she sighed and felt impending tears of frustration well up. She was so tired! The front door swung open and she slid out of her low pumps in the small entryway, hanging up her purse and jacket on the coat rack. She stepped around the corner into the living room, surprised not to hear the drone of the television. The whole room was neat and clean and the candles scattered throughout the room were lit.

A small smile lit her face as she called her husband, “William? This is wonderful! Where are you?” She continued on to the formal dining area, the table that had been covered with paperwork and cereal bowls this morning was cleaned and set for two, again with romantic candles flickering.

She pushed open the kitchen door and there stood her husband, wearing her pink apron, at the stove stirring something that smelled delicious. “Honey, thank you so much, what is all of this for?”

He turned to her and wrapped his strong arms around her frame, enfolding her into a warm embrace. His voice tickled against her ear as he whispered, “All of this is because I love you more than anything and I wanted to make sure you knew that.” He then moved his lips over hers and kissed her slow and deeply, with a passion that had been lacking in their marriage for some time.

Her body instantly responded and she pressed herself closer to him. He stifled a groan as he felt her softness and warmth against him, his cock hardened almost immediately. They had both been working so hard that intimacy had all but died out, he wasn't even sure when the last time that they had made love was. He began to stroke her back in firm long strokes and then gently knead from her shoulders down to the small of her back and back up.

April let her hands smooth over the sleek muscles of William's back, savoring the strength and safety that radiated from him. She had missed this so much! It felt like years had passed since they had had actually spent any time together without work interfering. Her eyes closed and she returned his eager kisses with ones of her own.

All to soon William gently pulled away, he brushed a wayward strand of hair from her face, “Come on sweetie, I made chicken and dumplings, it's all I knew how to do, but I did make the mash potatoes to go with it.”

They sat down together and ate their dinner talking about all of the things that they had fallen behind on with each other. William made it clear that he was sorry for not paying more attention to April's needs and focusing too much on work. April admitted that she had entertained thoughts that William had found someone else. They realized how dangerously close they had come to losing one another in the rush of the day to day.

After dinner they got ready for bed, each in a comfortable silence thinking about what they had learned that evening. William was already in bed with the lights out when April slipped in quietly beside him. Even after everything that had happened that night she was not sure that William truly desired her. Her heart pounded in her ear as she hoped that he would reach for her.

William, recognizing the hesitancy in his lover, rolled over to meet her, wrapped an arm around her body and pulled her close into him. Through the satin of her nightie she could feel the heat of his arousal. He dropped his head to the back of her neck and began nibbling it gently, his hand ran down her side, over her hip and toned thigh and then back up over her tummy and came to rest on her full breasts.

He was now kissing the side of her neck as he let his hand roam over both breasts tenderly cupping and squeezing them, gliding his palm over her erect nipples through the fabric of her negligee, and then tweaking them gently. She moaned deep in her throat as she felt her pussy flood with warmth and moistness at his touch.

William gently rolled her over onto her back and ran his hand from the soft curve of her cheek, down between her breasts, over the flat plains of her stomach, and down to her pelvis. He cupped April's mound in his hand so that she could feel the searing heat of his touch. Her hips bucked up to meet this new pleasure and he smiled down at her. “Let me show you how much I love you,” he whispered into her ear moving his body on top of her.

He slowly began to move down her body trailing his mouth along her inflamed form. He took one and then the other of her nipples into his mouth, suckling and teasing them through the satin. As he moved down her tummy he pushed the gown up, over her hips exposing her black bikini panties that she only wore on “special” occasions.

The scent of her aroused wife was intoxicating, he had missed her so very much, now all he wanted to do was to bring her pleasure. “April, when you get out of advertising and write that novel that you dream about, be sure to add a part where the man tells the woman how very much she means to him, how the feel and scent of her make him crazy. He needs to tell her that he loves her more than anyone or anything and that the way she sees things, the way she thinks, the way she moves, turns him on anew every day. Make sure that he tells woman knows that she is the most important thing in his life and that he would never want anyone else no matter what. Together they should be complete, and only together.”

With those words he slid her panties down over her hips and dropped his face to her wet loins. He breathed in her womanly aroma and let his tongue trace a path from her hard clit down between her engorged lips to her hot and wet hole. He licked and sucked at her flesh savoring the taste, feel, and smell of her sex. His tongue swirled around her clitty gently, causing her to buck her hips against his face. He then let it work its way back down to her opening.

He thrust his tongue as deep inside of her as it would go and began caressing the innermost regions of his love. Her hands tangled in his dark wavy hair, clutching his head to her almost in desperation. The pleasure was consuming her cunt and she knew that an orgasm was pending.

With just a few more skillful strokes of his tongue she exploded into a climax that rocked through her entire body. He dutifully licked and sucked every drop of her juice from her, hungrily.

She pulled him back up to her face and met his kisses with her own. She licked at his lips slick and sweet with her own juice. She loved tasting herself on him and sighed her pleasure. She could feel his erection pressing against her sex and spread her legs slightly to urge him into her.

Their eyes met as with one powerful stroke he filled her body with his own. In his eyes she saw the love that he professed mixed with want and need. In her eyes he saw the dormant passion of the woman he married spark to life and consume their bodies. He stroked in deep, slow strokes at first relishing the tight hotness that was her sheath.

She took in every inch of his velvety rod and delighted in the sensations he was creating in her. With every stroke she could feel pleasure winding up tighter in her stomach. She wrapped her arms around him and caressed his back as he began to speed up his rythem. Soon her hips were moving to meet each of his thrusts which were becoming increasingly fevered and fast.

He clutched her body to him with a hand protectively on her head as he pounded in and out of her faster and harder. Their breathing had become quick and shallow. Both of them were murmuring words of love and lust to the other. With one last thrust she felt his hot semen spill deep inside of her, his cock pulsated several times as it expelled his jism. A second later her second climax gripped her. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over and she cried out his name raggedly.

He rolled over and held onto her, pulling her to his side. He pressed sweet kisses to her temple and stroked her hair as she fell into a sated, blissful sleep. He too soon slept and both dreamed of the love that they had just renewed.