Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love Is... Lust is...

What is this feeling that I have for some gents that I see?

This stirring down inside my heart that yearns to be free.

My mind begins to wander as my fantasies begin.

To having them lie with me as I worship their soft skin.

The kisses that I give them and touches that we crave,

The dreams of everlasting, from the love that we both gave,

Will serve to drive us forward, towards a life of ecstacy.

As we satisfy this urging, born from our fantasies.

We’ll enjoy each other’s pleasure and we’ll strive to make it so.

As our fingers do the walking, knowing where they need to go.

A multitude of senses, striving hard to realize,

What can make one long for loving while I kiss your inner thighs.

Your moaning drives me onward, pleasing you is all I need.

Now your breathing tells the story, a climax needing to be freed.

You strain against the feeling, wanting, needing more.

As you cast your eyes to Heaven, not unlike you’ve done before.

I know this for loving, sharing pleasure we require.

With gents all around me, and unquenchable desire.

Some things just don’t need knowing, for why they seem to be,

Passion yearning to be set free.